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What People Say

Mark has been our Property Manager for 3 years now. He is always professional and friendly. I would definitely use him in the future and would recommend him to anyone.

Brian F.


Mark Dawson has been our property manager for seven years and there is a reason why we keep him. Each time our home has been available for rent he has given me very responsible tenants that pay rent on time and with no issues, which is every landlord’s dream. Mark does an outstanding job screening potential tenants. The first time Mark rented our home, he got me tenants that rented our home for 2 1/2 years until their job relocated them. 2nd time was a family who rented our home for 3 years and moved out because they purchased a home. And this time, the tenants have been renting our home for 1 1/2 years.  Each time our home became available to rent, Mark has had an open house showing the house, taking rental applications, running credit checks, and doing verification of employment.  And you can see what a fantastic job he does picking long term tenants.  Could not ask for a better property manager. He is FANTASTIC! He is great at what he does and wouldn’t trade him for any other property manager.

A V.

Mark at Giant Properties was referred to me by several of my colleagues who themselves have had excellent experiences with his property management. He’s knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and responsive — and the tenants like him too. He offers a wide range of services, but you choose which management tasks you need, and he’ll seamlessly tend to those like clockwork for you. From finding and keeping great tenants, to maintenance and repairs to protect your property value and keep it optimum-earning — he smoothly handles all the paperwork, tasks, and details, tenant and vendor relations, rent checks in and payments and disbursements out.

Joan C.

Mark was very helpful many times in bringing tenants to my rental property and he is very reliable and knows his Job very well, always there when needed and friendly and always ready for any questions that can pop up. I will very much recommend him to any person who wants to list his property for lease, especially to find serious tenants.

Elias S.

We met Mark when we were looking for a house to rent in Petaluma. He was professional, kind and friendly. He runs the whole process very smoothly and without any problems. He’s also very responsive and available every time we need him. We definitely recommend him as a great property manager.

Anouar D.

I have known, worked with and served with Mark Dawson in various capacities for over 10 years on the Novato Chamber of Commerce the Downtown Business Association. I have also worked with Mark on several Real Estate transactions in my role as a mortgage loan officer, and I have always found Mark very professional, dedicated and easy to work with.

Jodie F.

Mark is great to work with!  I rent one of the properties that he manages and I have to say that he is very fair and he responds quickly to emergencies. In fact, I can always reach him even by text.  Just a few weeks ago I needed an emergency repair. Mark went way out of his way to successfully sort it out.

Katy J.

What a wonderful man, my family and I are very grateful to have Mark in our lives. He is truly a blessing, in the way he helped us find a home here in Novato, CA, all the way from Columbus, OH. He was remarkable. It was a very stressful situation and Mark made the process effortless. I would recommend Mark to everyone. If you have an opportunity to work with Mark, please do, you will thank me later!!

Brian G.

Giant Properties recently rented out my property in Petaluma for me and they have done a great job. They know the market and can help anyone evaluate their options. Mark Dawson and his assistant Diane are super helpful and friendly and helped me through the difficult process of downsizing. I highly recommend this company.

Denise O.

I handle a large number of accounts consisting of rental properties and property management companies. I have worked on several of Mark’s properties and met with a number of his tenants. Mark does an amazing job of both maintaining his properties and keeping good relationships with his tenants. His tenants speak highly of him at every property that I have visited and I am always impressed with the upkeep of the properties. If you are looking for a beautiful home in the Bay Area with a responsive property manager, I would highly recommend Mark and his company.

Robert C.

Mark has been my property manager for almost nine years. He helped me rent my Mom’s house after she passed away. I told him all I wanted to do was cash the rent check and that’s the extent of my involvement. Mark has maintained all aspects of managing my property, handling needed repairs and he created a timeline of anticipated maintenance. I admit he is sometimes slow to answer a call but always comes through in the end. Mark has done an acceptable job for me.

Dawn H.

Our experience with Giant Properties was a PLUS! They rented our San Francisco property by doing everything. They did all the paperwork; they showed the property; they screaned all the perspective tenants’ applications; they found great tenants and prepared the lease. All at a very reasonable charge. We would recommend Giant Properties for anyone seeking to rent or manage their property. They do everything. You do very little.

Garry G.

I’m a professional independent bookkeeper and I’ve referred Mark to several of my clients over the last few years From my clients I hear he is very fair with tenants and stays in touch with the owners. Good to hear when you refer someone!Like Last montlh one of my elderly clients was very worried about an emergency repair and told me Mark went way out of his way to successfully sort it out. She was very relieved, and so am I!

Debora F.

Mark Dawson of Giant Properties has been managing the unit I rent with my daughter for over 2 years. He is responsive when we need him and is super personable. We have had few reasons to contact him, other than paying rent, but when we need him, he returns our calls immediately and promptly resolves any issues we have had. Our experience has been drama free.

Roberta G.

I met this company over four years ago and they turned out to be a great help in renting out our properties. Mark, the agent, was able to help us get fair market value and gave us great advice on improvements that made the property more desirable. I personally plan on continuing to rely on Mark, on an ongoing basis, for our property rental needs.

Mike G.

My company has been leasing and sharing an office with Mark for about three years. During this time we have been very pleased with the overall service and professionalism of Giant Properties. We would highly recommend using Mark and his team for any future Real Estate or property management projects.

Dennis F.

I have known and worked with Mark Dawson in many capacities over the past 8 years – related to my work at the Novato Chamber. Mark serves on our Board of Directors and is a past Ambassador and has played high level volunteer roles for our annual Art and Wine Festival and other events. Mark is dedicated to our issues and needs, committed to our cause and willing to step up to the plate when needed.

Coy S.

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