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Residential Leasing

At Giant Properties, we provide the right approach to leasing your property whether it is a single-family home, a townhome, a condominiun, apartment or a vacation property.

We can help you advertise your property to attract your ideal tenant, and conduct the necessary background and reference checks to make your rental experience drama-free!

Property Management

Giant Properties provides a comprehensive package of property management services for single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums or apartment buildings.

The type of property and the nature of occupancy call for distinct areas of expertise. Generally, our services are divided into three categories: tenant-occupied properties, vacation homes and homes held vacant for a period of time.

Residential  Restoration Services

Your long-term lifestyle and investment goals should drive all your property improvements, whether you plan to remodel or renovate.

Property Leasing

Perhaps you own a vacation home and are looking for someone to rent it in between your vacations. Maybe you wish to rent your single-family home, townhouse or condo to long-term tenants for extra income. Or perhaps you have periodic vacancies in your duplex or small apartment building.

Whatever your situation, our three-pronged approach to drama-free rentals will help you find a high quality tenant in the shortest amount of time.


We Find the Right Tenants for Your Property

(1) We review current and past leases, recent repairs and the physical condition of your property, as well as neighborhood amenities, schools and access to transportation. We need to know what you have and where it is located in order to effectively price and identify the market for your property. We also prepare and help implement a pre-leasing plan to bring it up to the best possible and affordable market condition.

(2) We promote your property on social media sites, blogs, websites, MLS listings and in online and offline advertising. We also place pictures and videos of your property on appropriate sites that will attract the most attention.

(3) We hold open houses and show your property by appointment so we can conduct face-to-face interviews of everyone who submits an application. Then, we meet and speak to every prospective tenant several times before signing a lease with them. We keep you up-to-date on all leasing activities so you will always be “in the know” on progress and who is looking at your property.

Our Application Process

We take care of all compliance issues so you don’t have to. We find your ideal tenant using best practices that are all in compliance with the laws set forth by the Real Estate Commission, the Fair Housing Act and all City, County and State laws.

Rigorous Credit, Income and Rental History Screening

We verify every applicant’s income to ensure they can reasonably afford the rent. We order and review a professionally generated background and credit check. We contact the previous two landlords (or personal references) verbally or in writing to confirm the prospective tenant’s history.

Property Management

Tenant-Occupied Property Management Services

Our administrative services include:

  • Day-to-day responses to oral and written communications of all types from owners, vendors and tenants
  • Preparation of notices for changes in tenancy, rents or services
  • Routine and periodic site inspections
  • Generating enforcement correspondence and responding to tenant inquiry relating to same
  • Updating and recording unit files with new owner information
  • Generating welcome letters
  • Maintaining association functional files

Our supervisory services include:

  • Preparation of detailed specifications for bidding on major jobs
  • Consultation and preparation of insurance specifications
  • Ordinary maintenance and repairs
  • Ongoing repair/alteration of the property – excluding construction management and/or emergency services

Advisory services include:

  • Claims administration
  • Defect investigations

Financial transaction assistance includes:

  • Deposit and rent collection
  • Disbursements
  • Delinquency follow-up
  • Lien enforcement policy and practiceInvoice approvalInvoice payment
  • Preparation of 1099’sFinancial report preparation

Emergency service assistance includes:

  • Emergency services not typically included in the day-to-day building operations of your homeowners’ association
  • Fast response times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

On-going maintenance services include:

  • Inspection and review of current contracts
  • Biding out all ongoing maintenance with reputable local contractors and service
  • Fast response times to most common matters that require attention, such as lighting replacements, fence repairs, sign installations, graffiti removal and other miscellaneous jobs
  • Owner-Occupied Property Management Services
  • In the event the owner of a property is unable to take care of the home they or a relative are living in, Giant Properties will manage the property in a manner consistent with your home owners’ association. We maintain the physical structure in terms of safety, security and improving asset value.
  • Vacation or Short-Term Rentals. In the event an owner of a property wants to rent the home out periodically, we provide a combination of leasing and property management services and incorporate appropriate cleaning and laundry services into the operating budget.
  • Vacant Properties
  • In some cases, an owner may want to keep a property vacant for a period of time. A good example would be someone who wishes to move into an assisted living community for a trial period before committing to renting or selling the home. In this case we would manage the property using our HOA management approach. Whether you’re a homeowner or a family representative, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Restoration Services

Your goals and the condition of your property call for a distinct program of services and expertise. Generally, our property remodeling and restoration services fall into three categories: property being prepared for lease, for owner occupancy, or for sale.

A remodeling and restoration plan can be tailored to your exact needs. Our services include:


Move preparation

  • Relocation and set-up
  • Distribution of personal property
  • Repairs and Restoration
  • Determining the scope of work
  • Reviewing and Selecting bids with the owner
  • Monitoring the progress of the work
  • Providing progress reports to the owner
  • Paying contractors and vendors
  • Considering and implementing change orders with owner
  • Overseeing house prep for rental

Considering the age and general condition, we will oversee the subcontractors needed to bring the home to a condition attractive and acceptable for the new occupants. There are three general areas to consider: safety, functionality and asset protection.

The first consideration is to make the home safe for the new occupants. This will include repairs and/or renovations that provide a safe environment for the incoming residents. The major home systems such as electrical, water heaters and HVAC must all be in good working condition. Structural elements, like the stairways and railings at the entrances and exits, must all be inspected. Additional safety measures, such as the wrapping of asbestos-covered heating ducts must also be considered. Finally, both the fire protection systems and lights over all the entrances may need to be upgraded or installed. By taking these actions, the home will be comfortable for the new residents and compliant with insurance carriers as well.

The second consideration involves making sure the home is functional for the new occupant. In many cases the home is “livable,” but not practical for other family members, or attractive to tenants or buyers in the current condition. We will assemble a list of repairs, renovations and new appliances to bring the home to a good functional condition that meets the needs of the anticipated occupants. We can take care of everything – hiring licensed and insured contractors and tradespeople, ensuring permits are applied for and signed off, and overseeing the completion of the work. We will also arrange for and disburse deposits and payments upon the inspection and approval of competed work.

Finally, you will need some general condition estimates to protect the value of your investment. These can be used as a baseline for capital improvements and developing a maintenance plan going forward. This may involve structural pest and roof reports, which can be performed during the renovation, and can later be implemented once the property is leased and generating cash flow.

Sample Work

What People Say

I met this company over four years ago and they turned out to be a great help in renting out our properties. Mark, the agent, was able to help us get fair market value and gave us great advice on improvements that made the property more desirable. I personally plan on continuing to rely on Mark, on an ongoing basis, for our property rental needs.


Mark Dawson of Giant Properties has been managing the unit I rent with my daughter for over 2 years. He is responsive when we need him and is super personable. We have had few reasons to contact him, other than paying rent, but when we need him, he returns our calls immediately and  promptly resolves any issues we have had. Our experience has been drama free.

Roberta G.

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