Property Leasing

Perhaps you own a vacation home and are looking for someone to rent it in between your vacations. Maybe you wish to rent your single-family home, townhouse or condo to long-term tenants for extra income. Or perhaps you have periodic vacancies in your duplex or small apartment building.

Whatever your situation, our three-pronged approach to drama-free rentals will help you find a high quality tenant in the shortest amount of time.

We Find the Right Tenants for Your Property

(1) We review current and past leases, recent repairs and the physical condition of your property, as well as neighborhood amenities, schools and access to transportation. We need to know what you have and where it is located in order to effectively price and identify the market for your property. We also prepare and help implement a pre-leasing plan to bring it up to the best possible and affordable market condition.

(2) We promote your property on social media sites, blogs, websites, MLS listings and in online and offline advertising. We also place pictures and videos of your property on appropriate sites that will attract the most attention.

(3) We hold open houses and show your property by appointment so we can conduct face-to-face interviews of everyone who submits an application. Then, we meet and speak to every prospective tenant several times before signing a lease with them. We keep you up-to-date on all leasing activities so you will always be “in the know” on progress and who is looking at your property.

Our Application Process

We take care of all compliance issues so you don’t have to. We find your ideal tenant using best practices that are all in compliance with the laws set forth by the Real Estate Commission, the Fair Housing Act and all City, County and State laws.

Rigorous Credit, Income and Rental History Screening

We verify every applicant’s income to ensure they can reasonably afford the rent. We order and review a professionally generated background and credit check. We contact the previous two landlords (or personal references) verbally or in writing to confirm the prospective tenant’s history.


What People Say

I met this company over four years ago and they turned out to be a great help in renting out our properties. Mark, the agent, was able to help us get fair market value and gave us great advice on improvements that made the property more desirable. I personally plan on continuing to rely on Mark, on an ongoing basis, for our property rental needs.


Mark Dawson of Giant Properties has been managing the unit I rent with my daughter for over 2 years. He is responsive when we need him and is super personable. We have had few reasons to contact him, other than paying rent, but when we need him, he returns our calls immediately and  promptly resolves any issues we have had. Our experience has been drama free.

Roberta G.

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